Spa For Sale In Raleigh-Durham, North Carolina Making Over $300,000 Net Profit Each Year

Consistently profitable massage and spa business for sale.

The Spa That Keeps On Giving

Angela always dreamed of having her own business. It was a big dream because she came from humble beginnings.

She knew she wanted to help people feel good and enjoy better health. So she started studying accupuncture and Traditional Eastern massage techniques...... But she had no idea that her passion would turn into the giant success that her business has become!

With a team of licensed massage therapists, her spa attracts repeat clients from all over the Triangle area.

It generates approximately $25,000 per month in net profit, and over $300,000 a year. All financials will be provided on request.

Now, over 10  years later, Angela is ready to sell her business so she can move closer to her daughter and her new granddaughter. Which means you can get a consistently profitable, long term business for an absolute steal.

The spa was originally for sale for $250,000. But now, because she wants to spend time with her newborn granddaughter as soon as possible, you can get her profitable spa for only $189,000... with seller financing available.

You'll be profitable in your first year of business. 

And no... 

 ✔ You don't have to know how to massage.

✔ You don't have to rely on any marketing or advertising - all your clients are walk-ins or repeat customers.

✔ You don't even have any competition, there are no other spas in the mall.

All you need to do to get started is call the business broker, Mike on toll free (888) 488-1025 and set up a meeting. 

This is a once in a lifetime opportunity that you don't want to miss. 

Call (888) 488-1025 now.

When you buy this spa you're getting...

The ONLY spa in one of the largest malls in North Carolina. No competition from any other spa.

Over 1,600 square feet. Nine massage tables and four chairs. Complete with large lobby, reception and private massage rooms.

Space for cosmetology, facials, reflexology, massage and any other health and wellness modality. Expand quickly and easily for even bigger profits.

The spa is part of a world class mall with over 150 shops, restaurants, and entertainment experiences.

The mall gets over one million visitors every month, and 1,400 visitors in store.

There is a 5-10 year waiting list to get a space in this mall. You get in instantly.

Database of pre-existing and return clients.

Seller financing available.

Net profit of around $25,000 a month. Over $300,000 a year - all done without spending any money on marketing.

Take a quick tour of the facilities

Imagine the freedom that comes with owning your own spa... with all the hard work already done for you. 

Other Information

Real Estate Type: Lease in one of the largest malls in NC

Location: Durham, North Carolina

Size in square feet: 1,600 sq. ft. space

Expansion Potential: Add online sales for retail products, offer reflexology, cosmetology, make-up and other beauty services. Start local and online marketing.

Reasons for selling: To spend time with newborn granddaughter

Years established: 10+

Owner Support & Training: 3-6 months

Asking Price: $189,000 - down from $250,000 - you save $61,000

Owner financing: Owner financing is available. Please contact the seller for more information.

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